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A lifechanging experience on my birthday at Pehelgam

Memoirs of my trip to Kashmir

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It was my birthday and I woke up early at our hotel and got ready for the next day's trip. Our sub-group never thought it would be this lucky. We were to go up to the Lidder Valley at Pehelgam, which is a 9 km uphill climb after a 2-hour drive from our hotel. We were 3 families.

We climbed uphill, despite my just recovering from the bone dislocation I had on my left toe. After sometime, I could not bear it, because my shoe finally gave in (the sole came off from it en route due to continuous usage of the shoes for more than 11 years) and all of us took a horse-ride each for about 10 minutes. The horses would not listen and the horsemen were quarreling amongst themselves, resulting in the horses trying to jump downhill and all of us getting down from the horses forcefully. We walked it up the rest of the distance, taking breaks in between, whenever possible, but never quit. We even helped each other out to reach the destination. I felt God also gave power and strength to my recovering toe, so that I could walk on to reach my destination.

All of us wanted to see the so-called "Mini Switzerland" uphill. The best part was that we had never used any mountaineering equipment, but we still got there. It wasn't much of a sight uphill, but we did get to hold rabbits and sheep. My tour group members felt it is a little birthday gift for me, though I was not quite satisfied with the amount of time we spent there after spending hours climbing the mountain. It was quite muddy in some parts of Lidder Valley though and we were caught in knee-deep mud at times there. When we wanted to return downhill before it got dark, we realized that it was already late. We could not see anything from above and our heads started spinning. I luckily noticed a truck and a lorry. The truck driver refused to give us a ride back, but a good Samaritan (the lorry driver), who was carrying heavy logs of timber, took us in for a ride back downhill. We were all relieved. We thanked the Lord Almighty for big mercies shown to us when we were truly in need. I shouted out happily, "This is my second life and a Birthday present from God himself. He helped us get back home when we were wondering how we could get back downhill in the dark."

Holding a rabbit

Holding a rabbit

The flock of sheep at Lidder Valley

The flock of sheep at Lidder Valley

While going downhill, the road was quite muddy. I even managed to photograph the same from the lorry itself. The lorry nearly went to the edge of a cliff, while making a turn en route. We all got scared, but the lorry driver reassured us that his life is also in danger every single moment. We were finally glad when we mounted down from the huge lorry downhill and we all heaved a sigh of relief. After some time, I went to a shoe-store at Kashmir and got myself a nice new pair of sandals and wrapped my worn off shoes in a plastic bag and dropped it in the trash can of my hotel, since it was not in a condition I could show to anyone. This was the life-changing experience I had at Kashmir. It made me realize the presence of God when I needed Him the most.



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