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A visit to the Subramanya shrine

A spiritual adventure

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In the year 2005, my mother and I made up our minds to go Spiritual backpacking to the famous Subramanya temple in the Mangalore Ghat Section. It was almost evening by the time we had reached the shrine. By the time we finished our Darshan at the shrine, it was late and we decided to go back to our hotel in Mangalore from Subramanya. We asked the bus driver to wait for us to finish our dinner, but he never waited. That was the last bus to return from the forest region to the city.

On the way in Mangalore

On the way in Mangalore

We were just thinking that we got stranded, when an auto rickshaw driver came to the rescue. He took us to an accommodation in the forest, but we got scared and we asked him to drop us somewhere else. He did so hesitantly. Finally, we reached a building that was under construction. A man was standing there and when we asked him as to whether the building under construction had place in it for us to stay, he said that it is a new hostel and he arranged to accommodate us. We were highly thankful to Lord Subramanya for showing us the way in the middle of the night.

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Vaishnodevi - A unique spiritual experience

The call of Mataji

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I had begun to delve into Spirituality in the year 2012 and I had received some confirmations about a possible trip to Vaishnodevi like all the others who receive their "calling" to visit the shrine, making it spiritually special. I couldn't believe it, when the preparations for my trip began a week after I received a five rupee Vaishnodevi coin from a local retailer as change for a key-chain I had purchased from him back in December 2012. I started inquiring as to how to get to Vaishnodevi with a few friends of mine, who had already visited the shrine. We then noticed a package tour conducted from Mumbai by the Indian Railways, which also included hotel accommodation and I decided to go in for it immediately. Though the trip was in April 2013, we were already excited about it. We also heard that we could book a helicopter ride to the shrine well in advance and we did so.


On the day we reached Jammu in 2013, we stayed one entire day at the hotel and rested. The next day, we went by helicopter to the Sanjichhat helipad, which was a few kilometers away from the main shrine and we had to walk it up after the exciting helicopter ride. We had a fantastic Darshan and we enjoyed every minute of it. After the visit to the shrine, we decided to walk it uphill for an eight hour stretch to the Bhaironnath shrine. After the visit to Bhaironnath, we were surprised at what we saw. A dog started following us after the Darshan for at least an hour till the end of the road atop that hill. We realized that it was none other than the Wahana [vehicle] of Lord Shiva or Lord Kaal Bhairav Nath.





We also had a sumptuous meal of puri and chole on our way back from the Bhairavnath shrine to the Vaishnodevi shrine and we walked it for at least 10 hours downhill and yet, we never got exhausted, since we kept hearing chants of "Jai Mata Di" on our way back. We even saw a funny looking mountain goat native to the region on our way to our hotel.

A funny looking goat

A funny looking goat



It was a special Spiritual experience for me that gave confirmations of what I wanted to know about myself.

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